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                NYK Tokyo Container Terminal begins Ops of Cutting-edge Transfer Cranes August 17, 2022

                Erenhot port, the largest land port on the China-Mongolia border, has logged over 1 million tons on China-Europe freight trains so far in 2022.

                The figure came one month earlier compared with 2021, according to Erenhot Customs.

                READ: China ports move 142 million TEU in H1 2022

                As of 15 August 2022, the port handled a total of 750 inbound China-Europe freight trainsup approximately 12 per cent year-on-yearwith 84,660 TEU of containers aboard.

                The total value of the goods recorded during the period was around 3.1 billion yuan ($457 million), said the Erenhot Customs.

                The imported goods were mainly sheet materials, paper pulp and kraft paper. Among them, over 800,000 tons were sheet materials, accounting for nearly 80 per cent of the total.

                Earlier this monththe port of Erenhot reached the 10,000-mark in China-Europe freight trains handled since the cross-border railway service launched.

                The 10,000th train passing through the port left for Malaszewicze, Poland at 12:30 pm local time on 6 August, fully loaded with 50 40-foot containers.

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